Published in March 2016 by PhD in Design Program, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Portugal.

Edited by Ece Canli & Rita Maldonado Branco.

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UD15 proceedings: PDF (35MB)

UD15 Forum Book

UD15 Forum Book

UD15 Forum book: PDF (23MB)


About UD15

UD15 welcome

UD is an annual, peer-reviewed conference series organised by the PhD in Design Programs of University of Porto and University of Aveiro.

In 2015 UD stands for Under Development: doctoral research in Design currently in progress or recently completed.

UD15 invited PhD students, candidates and prospective scholars in Design to share the accomplishments, uncertainties, puzzlements and challenges they face during their research process and to unravel them with other participants. The forum aims to create a pool of common issues and inquiries that have yet to be addressed, resolved and embraced.

We welcomed chaos, celebration, failures, epiphanies, dilemmas and freak-outs and encourage absence of fear.

Past Editions

UD began in 2012 as a national meeting of doctoral design students in Aveiro as UD12, with the aim of corroborating knowledge exchange in design research. In 2013, Porto hosted UD13 for the first time and enhanced the ongoing discussions around design research. The following year, UD14 went back to Aveiro and widened its domain to Iberia. In 2015, once again back at Porto, UD15 now opens its doors to all national and international PhD in Design students.


The relatively recent discipline of Design Research has been heralding miscellaneous theoretical and practical progress in the design field per se, but also promising new developments to society ranging from environment to politics, education to technology, health to communication and daily human activities.

Nowadays we can associate almost every concept related to human action with design: better interactions, better society, new roles, further landscapes, citizenship, knowledge transmission, systems and services, sustainability, media, culture, heritage, image production… Design Research gradually opens up to new modes of living and new meanings while spreading over uncharted lands of intervention and interference.

This year accordingly, the motto of UD is Periphery and Promise.

Periphery implies the imperative of Design to currently introspect on its own, cross-disciplinary borders. Often the future presents itself discreetly and intuitively, outside of the radar of media focus. Design is thus also the ability to read and act in anticipation. And there in lies its Promise.



UD15 Programme

UD15 programme: PDF (2,2MB)


Keynote Speakers

Anne Boddington

Anne Boddington

The Craft of Collaboration and Design for Uncertainty

Professor Anne Boddington is Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities. Her research interests are rooted in the design and development of the urban and cultural landscape and identity and have expanded alongside her experience in leadership and management in Higher Education. She has become increasingly involved in the strategic design and development of learning and research space and its relationships to collaborative pedagogic and research practice and to educational strategies and governance. Her current projects include entrepreneurial institutional behaviours and their impact on governance and infrastructures, the convergence of design, innovation and management as it impacts on SME’s in the Creative and Cultural Industries and the nature of learning in the Museum and Higher Education sectors.

Cigdem Kaya

Çiğdem Kaya

Poesis and Praxis: Eliciting Knowledge from Collective Practice

Çiğdem Kaya lives and works in Istanbul where she was born and raised. Trained as an industrial designer, she completed graduate program in fine arts in San Francisco Art Institute in the US. After her PhD, Kaya has been a full time assistant and associate professor at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Department of Industrial Design (ID) since 2011 where she teaches interaction between art and design in the undergraduate ID program as well as product design studio; practice-led research methods and design for social innovation in the graduate ID program. Her experience as an artist enriches her teaching in the design programs. Kaya received BSc in ID from ITU, MFA in New Genres from SFAI and PhD in ID from ITU. Kaya has been a visiting researcher at Sheffield Hallam University and she is a Fulbright alumna.

Jaime Munarriz

Jaime Munarriz

Research as a symbiotic lifeforms. PhD Research in Fine Arts, Media Art & Design

Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he teaches Media Art and Interactive Environments, pushing digital technology in art and design studies. Deeply involved with Processing, PureData, and LibreGraphics software. Active researcher on digital art practices, he’s directed theses on 3D, game art, animation, sound art, audiovisual performance, interface, video-art. Sonic & Visual artist. He explores sonic landscapes and synchronicity with visual processes, artificial lifeforms and generative image. Active in the experimental music scene since 1977.

João Paulo Queiroz

João Paulo Queiroz

Criatividade e competitividade “STEM”: olhar as crises, desafiar, repensar

Doutor, Belas-Artes, Universidade de Lisboa (UL). Mestre,  Communication (ISCTE). Painting degree (ESBAL). Professor at FBAUL and doctoral programs, Universidad de Sevilla. Author of high school syllabus “Drawing,” national level. Book “Cativar pela imagem,” FBAUL. Coordinator of the CSO International Congress (annual since 2010) and director of academic journals “Estudio,” “Gama,” and “Croma.” Also director of the journal  “Matéria-Prima.” Coordinator of the International Congress Matéria-Prima, Practice of Visual Arts in Basic and Secondary Education (annual, from 2012). Member of scientific committees, assessment panels, and editorial boards. Awarded National Painting Prize by Academia Nacional de Belas-Artes in 2004.

Luís Fernandes

Luís Fernandes

Problemas sociais complexos: da disciplinaridade à interdisciplinaridade

Luís Fernandes has been a professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Porto since 1985 and currently serves as the Director of its Centre for Deviant Behaviour Sciences. He has been distinguished with the Fernand Boulan Award from the Association Internationale de Langue Française de Criminologues in 1998, and was selected as a recipient for the Teaching Excellence Award from University of Porto in 2014. His research focuses on the characterisation of issues related to narcotics in the urban context, covering a social ecology of actors and psychotropic territories. He emphasises on ethnography as his primary research method, and endorses the same to his doctoral supervisions.

Susana Barreto

Susana Barreto

Fading Legacy of the Macanese: An Investigation into the Symbols, Myths and Traditions

Susana Barreto is a design educator and researcher. Having worked and lived in London and Macau for fifteen years, Susana is now living in Porto where she holds a position at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto where she is a Deputy Course Director of the PhD in Design. Susana is also a Research Associate at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London where she gained her PhD and Postdoc. Susana’s research interests are focused around the role of culture in graphic communication, cross-cultural design, image globalization, visual methods and design ethics.



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